We get a lot of cards at expos but no one picks the phone after the show!

maximise your ROI

"We get a lot of cards at expos but no one picks the phone after the show!”

Does this happen to you? Do you find your team saying “it was a great show” at the end of an event, and after a month sharing “poor return-on-investment” for the same?

Here’s the good news: you are not alone. 80% of exhibitors share the same fate. Here’s an even better news: there are simple strategies that you can execute to change your fate.

Before, we go further, allow us to share our two basic assumptions:
  • You have selected the Right Exhibition for your business
  • You want to maximise your Return-on-Investment (RoI). If you are playing a brand building game, some of the strategies suggested here may not work.

To put together these tips, our journalists spoke to many exhibitors who fall in the other 20% bracket (they typically get good RoI on their investments in a trade-show), and also trade-show experts and organisers.

They’ve then divided the challenges faced into different parts and provided tips to tackle each of them…

Challenge #1: Your booth is empty-ish. The customer approaches your booth. Seeing that it's empty and your reps busy amongst themselves, hesitates to enter your booth. Instead, moves on to other booths.

  • Ensure you have a couple of team members ready to engage with visitors who approach your booth—visitors don’t like to enter booths where everyone is sitting down or busy with themselves.
  • Ensure this welcome team have hand-outs or leaflets to hand over to each visitor or demos to take them to.
  • Ensure they are trained to ask leading questions to know whether to engage or not.
  • Ensure they capture all details of the visitors seeking handouts, demos or any other info.
  • Design these questions such that this staff can recognise when the visitor is the likely 'prospect' you want them to take to the next level.
  • Keep these questions simple and few--ideally, not more than 5.
  • You could use tablet PCs to capture the information faster--could even ask users to enter their own info.
  • Try and use bar-code scanning tools like handheld scanners or mobile apps to scan information of all visitors--so you don't have to ask for that in your forms.
  • For all the qualified visitors, train the team to ensure that they get motivated to meet key representatives (who have an exciting offer for them).
  • As part of the form, you may seek their permission to send them your news-letters and offers & updates.

Challenge #2: Your booth is filled with information-seekers, while the Big Customer is waiting to speak to your representative. She waits, and then goes away.

  • Overall, it boils down to—dividing your booth into two separate spaces.
  • The first space should be designed to welcome and engage with every visitor who walks by and shows interest in your booth.
  • The second space is to take the 'right prospects' to for detailed discussions with your sales team.
  • If you don’t have enough space in your booth, you could take your high-level visitor to meet sales team at the nearest Lounge or café.
  • Ensure there is a dedicated team, ready to meet visitors qualified by your engagement team.
  • This team should NOT try and keep themselves busy in entertaining any visitors to make themselves feel productive. They must keep themselves free to meet qualified customers only.
  • This team should be armed with a special offer for every qualified visitor they meet, which should expire within one month of the event being held.
  • The offer should be designed such that there is value for the customer to give you a meeting at their premises--thus escalating the level of trust and comfort between the two organisations (for example, architects may offer a free layout OR EMS firms may offer a free BOM estimation.

Challenge #3: Your team met many enthusiastic prospects at the booth. After the show, no one is ready to meet your team.

  • Research indicates that most delegates get pounded with emails from exhibitors within the week after the event. Thus, the 7 days after any event is the worst time to target them.
  • Try and setup a system to shoot a Thank You email on the same day you interacted with your visitors--at least for qualified visitors. Not many exhibitors do this, so chances of your email being viewed are higher. Plus, a much better impression in the minds of your customer.
  • Send them another Reminder Email after 1 week indicating your Special Offer if they give an appointment to meet with your team.
  • You may send them a third email, after two to three weeks indicating lapse of the offer.

With these simple tips, we are confident that you will see a multi-fold increase in the engagement and RoI that you get from your investment in trade-shows.

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