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3 Tips from Electronics Industry’s Marketing Pros to give You an Edge in 2024

Here are some pro tips that we felt all marketing professionals in the industry should be aware of.

  1. Are on-demand webinars better than live webinars? πŸ–₯️
    Data shows that on-demand webinars get more plays than live webinars do. But, live webinars get more registrations than on-demand webinars do.

    What’s the best way to plan your webinar campaign then? In the last year, many of our clients have run live webinars and then hosted their recordings to get up to 25% more ROI!
  2. Improving opens for your emails — is it simply enough to send them on Tuesdays and Thursdays? πŸ“§
    These two T-days see more opens than on other days. But, now there’s a add-on tactic to improve results.

    EFY now sends a bonus email to those who did not open your first email — it doesn’t matter if your prime target audience wasn’t around on the day your email was initially sent, because we will email them again a few days later (while skipping those who’ve already opened). Simple, yet it works without spamming.
  3. Tough to get your key spokespeople together for a live webinar? (or fearful of technical glitches marring a perfect webinar?) ⏺️
    It’s a common challenge for many, often due to scheduling conflicts and bandwidth issues. One marketing manager at our client found a solution a year back and it’s worked like a charm for many others since then.

    Record the webinar presentation in advance, and have the speaker (or their team) available for the live Q&A (which can be done from even a phone).

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