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Organising an Event or a Webinar? Can we help?

speak at tech events

Planning an event or an e-event? We provide a range of options to make your life simpler. Select what best suits your marketing goals, and your budget. We event have an option where you get to speak for free!

Want to present your tech or thoughts to an audience? Comfortable with speaking at an event or an e-event?

If you have answered Yes to both, we have good news for you.

ProfitwithEFY presents a range of options you can choose from. Each one comes with different deliverables, service levels and budgets. In fact, the first option does not cost you a dime!

And, when I mention an event or e-event–it can be a talk, a panel discussion, a set of talks, a workshop, or any permutation or combination of the above–we can handle all.

So without further ado allow me to share the list of options…

  1. Unbiased Talk: Apply to speak at one of our forthcoming events (FREE!)
  2. Promo Talk: Book a slot to speak at one of our forthcoming events
  3. Promote Event: Enroll our team to drive promotions for your event
  4. Registration Drive: Enroll our team to drive registrations for your event
  5. Turn-key Event: Enroll our team to execute the entire event from start to finish

As you can guess, as we move down the list–the investment you need to make increases.

You can categorise the above options as:

  1. Align with EFY’s events or e-events (A & B)
  2. Organise your own event or e-event (C to E)

Let’s get down to the details…


This is the zero-investment option! You don’t have to pay a single Paisa (aka Penny).

Here, you identify the next event or e-event being organised by EFY, which has the same theme and target audience you’re targeting. Once identified, you submit your credentials and proposed talk, and our tech review team will review and confirm if it makes the cut.

An important aspect that they will check is whether your talk is unbiased or a promotion of your product or service. If the latter, then they will surely reject.


This one involves minimal investment but comes with many benefits.

Here too, you need to identify the next event or e-event being organised by EFY, which has the same theme and target audience you’re targeting.

However, since you’re investing, your talk slot is confirmed well in advance, and you can promote your firm, its products and services. 

Here again, you have more options to choose from:

  1. Only Speak: Herein, you invest in booking a speaker slot. We confirm the slot, schedule the slot and display across all communication, and promote it too.
  2. Get Database: In addition to above, you get access to the database of the audience who attended your talk.
  3. Sponsor: In addition to benefits of ‘Get Database’, you also get additional branding and promotions of a sponsor, which may come with many additional benefits and deliverables.


You’re organising an event or an e-event, and you want to promote it amongst our audiences. 

We can offer a range of traditional and digital marketing services, which will promote your event to the right audience. The only limitation will be your budget.

Customizable according to the budget. Minimum ticket price: INR 50,000 / US$ 1,000.


It’s same as “promote event” but here rather than asking us to simply promote your event, you ask us to ensure that a minimum number of “qualified audience” registers for your event or e-event.

In other words, we invoice you based on registrations, and not based on efforts.

This is an area where we are amongst the few in the industry (actually we are yet to meet anyone else) who are willing to promote your event on a performance basis.

Here, we need to understand your event, your topics, your audience, and the what are the take aways for your audience.

Then we design the strategy, the creatives and select the platforms to promote. We do get you to check and approve them to avoid violation of brand guidelines, etc–but the overall execution is ours. 

We invoice you based on registrations delivered of ‘qualified audiences’. Anyone who’s not qualified is not counted! 

Plus, if we deliver less than the target, we reduce our invoice amount in proportion. But, if we over-deliver–we stick to the deal amount agreed to.

What’s super unique? Most marketing partners or agencies would seek your database to promote your event. We don’t. We use our own platforms and databases to drive your event amongst our audiences.

The catch: Your target audience needs to be part of our audience, and your topic needs to be of value for them.

Plus, the registration form is managed and hosted by us, so we are able to monitor it, run analytics on it, and improvise for best results.


As the name suggests, this option means that EFY will do everything for you. From organising the event or e-event to driving its promotions, to delivering a minimum number of qualified audience.

In fact, we can also help you with solicitation of industry experts as speakers for your event.

Again, the event must be of interest and value for our audiences. 

Plus, if there is no registration or entry fee, then we are able to discuss the possibility of taking on minimum registrations of qualified audiences too. But, again–we need the registration system to be managed and hosted by us–so we can monitor it, run analytics and improvise our campaigns.

Both for events and e-events, you have two options:

  1. Only conference
  2. Conference plus Expo

For a traditional event, conference plus expo means selection of a larger venue. While for an e-event, we own an e-event platform titled Tech World Congress, and can organise a webinar-plus-expo on the same.


Whose event?EFYEFYEFYEFYYoursYoursYours
Talk Confirmed?NoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Promote Self (Talk)NoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Promotion of TalkNo GuaranteeYesYesYesYesYesYes
Database of AudienceNoNoYesYesYesYesYes
Sponsor BrandingNoNoYesYesNANANA
Guarantee of Minimum RegistrationsNoNoNoPossibleNoYesPossible
Registrations Managed By?EFYEFYEFYEFYAnyoneEFYEFY

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