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FAQ: EFY’s Truly Innovative Electronics Initiative

Truly Innovative Tech



Q. What prompted EFY to launch this initiative?
A. With a deluge of press releases announcing new products, we felt that the truly innovative tech were becoming the proverbial needle in the hay-stack. Hence, through this initiative titled EFY’s Truly Innovative Electronics , Electronics For You team hopes to change that. We’re making at attempt to ensure that truly innovative electronics gets due recognition.

Q. Are there any costs involved?
A. No, this is a complete free of cost service for the tech industry and community.

Q. What are the benefits?
A. It’s a monthly exercise to recognise truly innovative electronics and promote the same amongst R&D and design engineers–who can solve major electronics engineering challenges.

Publicity & Promotions…
1. Recognition of the product as Truly Innovative Electronics: announced by email along with logo of the Truly Innovative Electronics recognition
2. Listing on Truly Innovative Electronics section on
3. Listing on Truly Innovative Electronics section published in Electronics For You magazine (print & e-zine)
4. Listing on Truly Innovative Electronics section published in electronics for you EXPRESS (e-zine only)
5. Display of products on the Truly Innovative Electronics eBooth of Electronics For You in a forthcoming Design Unconference at Tech World Congress
6. Opportunity to present the product to an audience of Design Engineers through a forthcoming Design Unconference at Tech World Congress
7. Listing in monthly carousal post on LinkedIN where Electronics For You shares monthly collection of Truly Innovative Electronics

Q. So, is this like an award recognising innovative tech?
A. Yes, and no. It’s more like a recognition (certification) for Truly Innovative Electronics. And, we’ve attempted to eliminate the element of bias by including the community-phase. Herein, the innovations are show-cased to the tech community, and their feedback noted.


Q. Do we have to wait and hope that EFY’s editorial team will select our product, or can we file it for them to review too?
A. While, our default process is to review all press releases and product announcements received, but you can file your nomination too.

Q. How can we nominate our solution?
A. You can file your nomination by sharing your info at [email protected] or submitting details via this form and shooting us an email at [email protected].

Q. What type of products or solutions can be nominated?
A. Any electronics components, modules or boards can be nominated. Essentially stuff that electronics design engineers can use to develop an innovative product. One important factor is that they should be commercially available in the market.

Q. Who does the review and selection?
A. All entries are reviewed by members of our editorial team that drive our websites:, ,, and our publications: Electronics For You and Open Source For You.

Q. How much time for the review and sharing of results?
A. We aim to revert within 7 working days. However, we are not liable to explain the reasons for rejection or acceptance of any nominations.

Q. Can you provide a NUTSHELL view of the entire process?
A. Sure, here it is…

  1. NOMINATION PHASE: Either WE select your Innovation OR YOU file its nomination
  2. SELECTION PHASE: We review and inform you if your product is selected as Truly Innovative Electronics
  3. RECOGNITION PHASE: If your team succeeds through the above phases–we will award your innovation with a Certificate stating that it’s a Truly Innovative Electronics judged by the team at Electronics For You and start promoting it through various platforms described above

Q. What are the types of innovative tech solutions that don’t qualify for this initiative?
A. While we would like to recognise all types of truly innovative tech solutions, but due to limitations at our end, we will not be able to entertain nominations of Conceptual or In-the-lab innovations. This initiative is restricted to only those electronics solutions, which are out in the market–and customers can assess.

Broad product categories which can be nominated include:

  1. Electronics Components & Modules
  2. Software tools, EDA, etc
  3. Embedded Systems Tools: Hardware or Software

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