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Tips for CXOs: How your teams should use digital marketing to engage customers

What should CXOs be aware about Digital Marketing?

Based on my own personal experiences with our clients, learning from Gurus like Manuj Bajaj (Greybox Technologies) and discussions and debates with our own marketing and ‘digital marketing’ teams–I have put together this presentation on simple ways your team can engage with customers using digital platforms.

This presentation is not about the bells and whistles of digital marketing. In other words, I am not sharing with you how to execute digital marketing. Instead, I am sharing simple tips on what you need to ensure “is done” by the person or team that’s executing your digital marketing–be it your team, your agency or your friend.

For example–are you aware that your website has Google Analytics (a free software) installed on it? If yes, have you delegated someone to share the report on a weekly or monthly basis with you?

And, if that person is capable–you can also ask her to do an analysis of this report and inform you about what’s working and what’s not?

If you get these basics right, I am confident that you will see your ‘marketing’ generate better results.

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