Update to Advertisers on Our Websites (August 2019)

Update to Advertisers on Our Websites (August 2019)

We have started sharing updates with our advertisers of websites on a regular basis. Here are extracts of the updates shared with them in August 2019…

Increased Traffic and its affects…

1. As you might be aware, we were doing some major overhaul on our websites’ platforms—and that had resulted in a bit of a dip in traffic in recent months.

2. The good news is that the results of that overhaul are being felt now. We are seeing upwards of 15% growth in traffic on a month-on-month basis.

3. Plus, the number of page views per user has shot up, and the average time spent by the user on electronicsforu.com is exceeding 20 minutes!

4. Hence, you are likely to see your impression-based campaigns being delivered much earlier than usual.
Mobile traffic is growing…

1. The electronicsforu.com network is now witnessing 50% of its traffic from mobile devices

2. However, average page-views of desktop users are much higher than mobile-users, thus many times we see advertisements being delivered on the desktop environment before mobile
Improved visibility for Mobile Banners…

1. One aspect that we realised recently, thanks to feedback from some of you, that when a horizontal banner (728 X 90 or 460 X 60) is displayed on a mobile device, the creative becomes too small and text is not visible

2. Hence, we have created the option to publish mobile-friendly banners for mobile devices—by displaying boom-box ads (300 X 250)

1. You may want to increase the number of impressions booked for your campaigns on our websites to connect with a larger % of audience visiting our websites.

2. You may want to opt to provide us with a boom-box ad if you have a horizontal banner booked with us—to achieve a much better visibility