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A bunch of +ve feedback received from marketers & entrepreneurs in our electronics and IT industry following last month’s post has nudged things ahead for us. We're switching up the format. Change is tough, so keep those constructive emails and messages coming!

- Dilin & Rahul

P.S: Dilin stepped into fatherhood, so the sleeplessness may cause typos.

What is this monthly post about anyway?

Practical digital marketing knowledge from Indian and global leaders, that help technology businesses make sound judgements.

  • Early adopters are thrilled by the new. They seek innovation.
  • Others are wary of failure. They seek trust.

- Seth Godin

Through 💡 SAVVY, we'll share practical innovations that have crossed the chasm to becoming trustworthy for our business. So that you can safely use them too.



Target Audience: IoT Engineers, Developers, Embedded Engineers, Electronics & System Design Engineers

We have been tweaking this formula for over five years. With 75,000 verified registrations under the belt, here are a few slices of tender insights from our paid campaigns.

NOTE: Don't jinx it.


Promoted tweets are ordinary tweets that we sponsor to get additional reach to our targeted audience. Despite high levels of 'engagement', our ads have not shown much return on investment yet.


Pretty decent performance when it comes to attracting initial registrations, but blows it out of the water when it comes to revenue generation.


We didn't have breakups for these because our older trackers didn't have it separated. The FB + IG combo is excellent when it comes to helping audiences discover your brand, but it does take quite some remarketing to make sure they come back to buy.


Our email list performances are like chicken wings in BBQ sauce. Inexpensive to make, but delivers delicious results.


Costs about the same per registration as Google Ads do, but we believe it brings in a group of people who would otherwise have missed out on the event. Always good to have a small budget tucked away for it as long as we track results.


We set up event partnerships with communities, associations, companies and event portals. Pretty good performance for an activity that doesn't consume a lot of ad spend, but does consume man-hours to make sure things are executed as planned. Partnerships are wonderful in their own way though, as you get to brainstorm with smart people from all over.



Instagram and Facebook, of all social media platforms, is not usually seen by many of our clients as a place to get serious IoT design engineers and developers from.

As the numbers above showed, we found this to be quite wrong! From our campaigns, paying engineers and devs are on FB and IG ready to engage.

It's obvious really. Engineers and devs are humans. A sizeable share of humans are still on Facebook and Instagram.

The 28% share you see above for FB + IG is of a ₹1Cr+ chunk of delegate revenue alone.

And then they boasted...

Here's what our team achieved this month

  • Massive audience growth — we broke our record from earlier this year 🎉 as the electronicsforu.com network saw 2.6 million pages consumed by technologists in November '19
  • Easier for clients to profit with EFY — revamped our blog at profitwithefy.com into a lighter leaner avatar
  • Better 📧 deliverability and databases — upgraded to a best in class email engine that has 2x the reach, deliverability and redundancy as our previous system

Since this is our last post before the new year, we wish you cheerful holidays ahead!

Dilin Anand & Rahul Chopra