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Important Secrets Hidden in “ELCINA-IMRB Report”



Established in 1967, ELCINA is India’s first industry association supporting electronics hardware. Since then, Electronic Industries Association of India has established itself as an interactive forum for electronics and IT manufacturers. With greater liberalisation, Electronic Industries Association of India’s focus has shifted to professional and value-added services to the Electronics Community.

About IMRB

IMRB (now KANTAR IMRB) is a market research, survey and business consultancy firm. Headquartered in Mumbai, India with operations in over 15 countries IMRB is a part of the Kantar Group, WPP’s research, insights, and consultancy network.

About Study

This study was done by IMRB team, where they surveyed 367 individuals from India’s electronics fraternity.

Power of Internet

  • 83% respondents access Online resources to get information they seek, and Google Search is their first step
  • 63% access technology websites
  • 62% refer to magazines

Technology Vs Business

81% of magazine readers find the need to discover key technology trends to be much stronger than discovering business trends

Discover from Magazines, Search from Net

74% of magazine readers agreed that magazines are the preferred source to discover important topics, and then they can get more details from the web

The Magazine Connect

71% of the respondents refer to magazines to collect information on Electronics industry & technology

Print VS e-Zines

84% of the magazine readers refer to printed magazines over e-zines

Content They Seek

The kind of content sought in magazines is:

  • Latest Technology: Coverage: 83% New Product Info: 73% Technical Articles: 48%

The Leading Magazines

#1. Electronics For You has 68% mind-recall factor
#2. Don’t remember has 19%
#3. IEEE Spectrum has 2%
All other brands have 1% of lower recall!

Engagement with Social Media & Forums

49% spend atleast 1 to 2 hours daily on Social Media & Forums for gathering info

Social Media

Facebook tops the list but LinkedIn is not ar behind.

The Leading Websites

The TOP 3 Websites are:
1. 61%
2. 34%
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