Web Banner Advertising

Banner advertising on electronicsforu.com network

We publish your web banners on our websites, chosen by you…

Q. Is there a standard tariff?

A. Yes, we do have a standard tariff, which is based on Cost per Impression (CPM) model). The rates are based on:

  • The website chosen (higher rates for websites with premium audiences)
  • The premium-ness of the location of the banner ad
  • The typical CTR of the location of the banner ad
  • Number of impressions bought
  • Duration of your campaign

Q. Can EFY-i help you choose the right website?

A. Yes, of course! We want to guide our customers choose the right websites so that they get the best RoI. Herein, we try and understand your target audience and your marketing goals, and then advise you on the properties that would match those parameters. If they don’t–we will advise you against executing that campaign through us.

Q. What happens if EFY-i is unable to deliver the number of impressions mentioned in our tariff?

A. While this rarely happens, but if it does, we will extend your campaign till the requisite number of impressions are delivered–by either extending the duration of your campaign OR by adding more locations for your web banners–this decision will be made by YOU.

Q. Are any reports shared for your web-banner campaigns?

A. Yes, we do share screenshots of reports delivered by Google DFP–a globally recognised and valued tool by all digital marketers.

Q. Do we provide the TRUST BUILDER option for these reports too?

A. Yes, we do. Here too, we invite you to LIVE login to our Google account, where we will show you reports of YOUR banner ads in real-time!

Q. What are the websites on which you can place your advertisements?

A. These are the websites, which are part of the Electronicsforu.com network:

Focus Website
DIY & Projects www.electronicsforu.com
Electronics Design (Professionals) chipsnwafers.electronicsforu.com
Academia academia.electronicsforu.com
IOT Creators & Integrators iot.electronicsforu.com
Career Development career.electronicsforu.com
Test & Measurement testingtimes.electronicsforu.com
Students guruable.electronicsforu.com
Business of Electronics business.electronicsforu.com
Enterprise Tech smart.electronicsforu.com

Plus, we have a website targeting the IT community–software developers and IT infrastructure managers: opensourceforu.com.