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Generated list of Qualified Audience for RF-related test & measurement solutions, and Generated Sales Leads too!

RF testing equipment content marketing


Enable a global manufacturer of Test & Measurement equipment to generate a list of highly unique audience. They are targeting design and test engineers interested in RF-related test solutions, and we are to use multiple content assets to achieve targets–some provided by client, and some to be developed by us.


  • Leading brand of test & measurement equipment and solutions
  • Global OEM with strong presence in India


  1. Develop and execute a content marketing plan involving multiple types of content (whitepapers/guides/videos/offers) that the targeted audience finds value in registering and consuming
  2. Generate a list of 175 qualified consumers of content who have a strong interest in RF-related test & measurement solutions
  3. These qualified audiences would be perfect prospects for their future demand generation marketing campaigns
  4. The additional profiling questions in the landing page helps the client quickly convert some of the registrants into leads


  • Started: April, 2021
  • Duration: 3 months


  • Geo: India
  • Sector: Electronics–all firms involved in RF-related R&D, design or manufacturing 
  • Job Profile: Professionals involved in Test, Design, R&D, etc of RF-related applications, and their senior decision makers

IMP: The above formed the basis of qualifying the audience. Anyone who did not meet any of the factors above were disqualified.


* Content Marketing (different types of content including white-papers, buyers’ guides, training videos, etc were promoted to interest targeted audience)
* This project involved development and promotion of multiple-content assets

* Forms were designed such that only those records were shared with client that met all qualification criterion
* Tele-calling to verify background and interest of contacts that expressed interest in purchase of test solutions being promoted

* EFY’s team understood the client’s solutions, their goals and “what’s in it” for our audiences via series of telecons and emails
* EFY’s team selected multiple content assets from client’s library and promoted each of them
* EFY’s team also developed their own content assets in partnership with the client, after speaking to their subject-matter-experts–and promoted them too
* EFY developed a landing page along with a form to share details of Webinar and capture details of registrants
* EFY’s team developed promotional creatives and got them approved from client
* EFY’s team deployed these creatives across EFY’s Assets (explained in detail below)
* EFY’s team deployed remarketing campaigns to the targeted lists across other platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook & Google
* EFY’s team reviewed performances of all campaigns and improvised on a regular basis
* EFY reviewed all registrants and filtered the Qualified Audience to share with client
* EFY categorised registrants who displayed interested in purchase of equipment, called them to verify their * background and interest, and passed genuine cases to client
* EFY’s team developed an At-A-Glance report and shared updates on a Weekly basis with the client

* Extraction of targeted database from EFY’s Database of Databases
* Email marketing to Targeted Database
* Web-banners on relevant websites of EFY
* Push-notifications on relevant websites of EFY
* Posts on relevant social media channels of EFY
* Promotion via mention of event in relevant news-letters of EFY
* Remarketing to EFY Databases via Google, LinkedIN and Facebook
* Development of creatives based on best practices and learnings from past successful campaigns
* Technical journalists of EFY team were involved in developing customised content assets for the campaign

* Overall visibility gained by the campaign (IMPRESSIONS delivered) in front of targeted audience of R&D and Design Engineers
* Breakdown of visibility across different channels
* Overall engagement generated by the campaign (CLICKS delivered)
* Breakdown of engagement across different channels
* Overall Registrants 
* Overall Qualified Registrants
* Overall Leads generated of those interested in purchase of RF-related test solutions
* Target to Achievement Ratio w.r.t. Qualified Attendees and Sales-leads

Targets achieved for both list building of qualified audience and also generated better than expected leads for sales teams

* Complete GAME-PLAN was provided to client within 7 days of their go-ahead for the project, which shared stages of execution along with time-lines--so client was aware what to expect when
* List of qualified registrants was provided with complete contact details for the client to review and audit, for those they approved as “qualified”
* Only those registrants were passed to clients that met their qualification criterion, and any that client objected to, were removed from our list
* All pages, forms and creatives were reviewed with clients prior to them being deployed

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