EFY-i's Social Media Management Services

EFY-i’s Social Media Management Services


After developing multiple vibrant communities for ourselves, across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIN, we believe we can help others achieve similar gains too…

Q. Why should you consider EFY-i for Social Media management?

A. Here are a few:

  1. Content Power: Social media communities are all about content. We specialise in content that interests TECH-inclined audiences. In fact, there would be very few firms that can compete with us on this front–across the globe.
  2. Experience: We have experience (expertise) in developing communities. We have developed communities for ourselves, with followers exceeding a million followers on facebook, and 30K on LinkedIN.
  3. Connect: Thanks to our existing social media communities, we can attract your targeted audience to your social media communities through simple cross posts.

Nutshell: There would be very few vendors who can compete with us–when it comes to social media management for a technically inclined audience.

Q. What all types of Social Media platforms do we have expertise in?

A. We have managed to build strong communities in…

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIN

We are now experimenting with othe social media communities too.

Q. Can we manage or create communities in other platforms too?

A. Yes, we can.

Q. What Can We do For YOU with respect to Social Media?

A. We can do the following for you…

  1. Create New Social Media Communities For You
  2. Manage & Develop Your Existing Social Media Communities
  3. Promote Your Communication Within EFY-i’s Social Media Communities (covered under our Standard Services)

Q. What do you mean by promotion of our content on EFY-i’s social media communities?

A. These are a part of our Standard Offerings, where we post your message on our existing social media communities that match your target audience.

Q. W.r.t. Your service #2–manage and develop our social media communities–what does EFY-i offer here?

A. Here, we can do the following:

  1. Start publishing content and executing engagement-oriented activities on your social media page to make it more vibrant and increase the Reach of your communication
  2. Start promoting your community amongst our communities to increase the number of followers–you can use our Standard Services or opt for Response Guaranteed package
  3. Start promoting your community amongst our online properties and databases–again, you can use our Standard Services or opt for Response Guaranteed package

Q. Who creates the content?

A. We can create the content for you. We can use your marketing communications too, but our team will reserve the right to modify it and publish it in a manner that would catch the attention of your community.

Q. What kind of reports will be provided?

A. If we are managing your social media community, then all reports will be directly accessible to you from your admin console. If we are building it up and managing it for you, then we will share admin access with you–so you can view all reports.

In addition, monthly updates on the following parameters will be provided:

  1. Page Likes (reflecting month-on-month changes)
  2. Reach (reflecting month-on-month changes)
  3. Engagements (reflecting month-on-month changes)
    • Reactions (reflecting month-on-month changes)
    • Comments (reflecting month-on-month changes)
    • Shares (reflecting month-on-month changes)
    • Clicks (reflecting month-on-month changes)

While #1 and #2 good indicators of growth of your community but #3 will tell you–how engaged your community is with your channel.

This report will be accompanied by the relevant screen-shots from the admin console.

Q. What all works will EFY-i essentially take up on your behalf when it takes over the responsibility to drive and manage your community(s)?

A. A typical social media community development and management role entails the following functions:

  1. Content creation (technical content is our forte)
  2. Image editing and management
  3. Community management
  4. Social media expertise
  5. Planning & Management of all works

Q. There seems to be a large variety of things that can be done here. Is there a simple way to share the options available?

A. Here’s an attempt to simplify what all EFY-i can do for you, when it comes to managing social media communities:

  1. EFY-i analyses and shares recommendations for your social media communities
  2. EFY-i posts regular content catering to your communities
  3. EFY-i manages communication with your community (passes messages to your designated persons and raises alerts, if need be)
  4. EFY-i takes over the responsibility of increasing the size of your community
  5. EFY-i takes over the responsibility of increasing engagement within your community
  6. EFY-i creates your social media community from scratch and does all of the above

Q. How will the Pricing be done?

A. Since, it’s a customised service where we will need to understand your scope of work, your target audience, technicalities related to your products and services–this will be a customised packaging, with two key cost elements:

  1. Onboarding (setup) fee
  2. Fee based on successful engagements