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“MAKE IN INDIA” Offer Announced

First Time in History Offer for Select Segments: EMS, Design Houses and Manufacturing Equipment & Tools

First Time in History Offer for Select Segments:
EMS & PCBA Firms, Design Houses and Manufacturing Equipment & Tools

What is Electronics For You doing to help the industry reboot?

That’s the question we keep asking ourselves.

Our latest initiative in this direction is the launch of “Make in India” offer to drive growth of organisations that play a critical role in the electronics manufacturing eco-system.

Herein, firms that supply manufacturing equipment or tools, or are EMS providers, or provide design services–will enjoy a ‘first time in the history’ pricing on advertisements published in Electronics For You’s CXO Section.

The CXO section features stories aimed at enabling technopreneurs and senior business and technology leaders in taking informed decisions related to business strategy, policy and market.

Plus, these ads will get published for FREE in EFY Express too.


Connect with us at +91-98111-55335 or [email protected].

A member of our team will speak to you, understand your firm’s background, explain details of the offer and have the desired proposal shared with you…

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