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AD TARIFF: Electronics For You & EFY Express

Banner Ads Tariff

At-a-glance tariff of Electronics For You (EFY) and Electronics For You Express (EFY XP)…

BIG BANGFront Gatefold$3,940₹225,000
BIG BANGArt Paper Insert (2 sided ad)$3,500₹200,000
PREMIUMBack cover$2,630₹155,000
PREMIUMOpening page (Facing IFC)$2,440₹126,500
PREMIUMInside front cover (IFC)$2,535₹135,000
PREMIUMOpposite Contents$2,340₹126,500
PREMIUMInside back cover (IBC)$2,340₹120,000
PREMIUMLast page (Facing IBC)$2,240₹110,000
PREMIUMFront Cover Strip$2,535₹135,000
PREMIUMPages 7, 9, 11, 13, 15,17, 19, 21$2,145₹99,990
BRANDINGFull page$1,950₹85,000$350₹20,000
BRANDINGHalf page$1,200₹52,000$220₹12,500
BRANDINGQuarter page$750₹32,000
BRANDINGStrip ad (V)$900₹45,000
BRANDINGStrip ad (H)$700₹30,000
BRANDINGDouble spread$2,925₹127,500$630₹36,000
ROIBIZ Page: Full Page$1,465₹63,750
ROIBIZ Page: Half Page$900₹39,000
CLASSIFIEDSResponse Page$425₹16,500


a. This is a combined tariff of two different publications: (i) Electronics For You (EFY) and (ii) Electronics For You Express (EFY XP)

b. Electronics For You (EFY) is our flagship publication and is sold both as print and ezines.

c. Electronics For You Express is e-an zine-only publication. It features limited content and advertisements of the main edition. It does not have any additional content, but can accept advertisements that are are not booked for the main edition. It is distributed free-of-cost across EFY’s websites, social media channels, newsletters and events.

d. US$ rates are for international clients, where we have to raise an invoice at an address based out of India

e. Additional 5% GST is applicable on Indian Tariff, but there is NO GST for International clients

f. The column ‘Impact’ indicates how each type of ad position differs with respect to impact it has. For example, Big Bang positions are those that always get noticed, while ROI positions are good for those only seeking response and not worried about how and where their ad is being placed.

g. Since premium positions in EFY XP will be filled by ads from EFY, EFY XP accepts ads for standard sizes only: Full Page, Half Page and Double-spread.

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