Hosting Whitepapers and datasheets

EFY’s Content Marketing Management Services



Proving basic form of Content Marketing where we publish your content on our website and promote it amongst our audiences…

Q. Content Marketing versus Media Ethics–how’s this battle handled by EFY-i?

A. Our primary principle here is that our audiences need to know which content is biased (paid for) and which one is not. There are certain types of content that by design are biased content–for example, white papers and data sheets. Here, we don’t have to tag your content separately. But, for biased articles, interviews, case studies, videos, etc–we tag them as PROMOTIONAL so that our audiences can take an informed decision on whether to view the same or not.

Q. What’re the types of content we accept here?

A. We are open to publish any and every form of content. Types of content that we have published so far, includes:

  1. Technical Articles
  2. Interviews
  3. Case Studies
  4. Videos
  5. Reference Designs
  6. White-papers
  7. Datasheets
  8. Press Releases
  9. Updates

Q. How have we priced this services?

A. This service essentially has three key components associated with it:

  1. Cost of publishing your content
  2. Cost of creation of content
  3. Cost of elements used to promote your content

We have a tariff that defines cost of hosting your content across our different properties. Here, pricing varies as per property, type of content, and number of content to be posted.

In addition, there’s a tariff where cost associated with highlighting your content are shared with the following basic options:

  1. Cost of highlighting your content on related Category Page of the website (ex: Reference Design section page)
  2. Cost of highlighting your content on Homepage of the website
  3. Cost of promoting your content through related social media community(s)
  4. Cost of promoting your content through the Latest Updates on our Home Page
  5. Cost of promoting your content through our Daily Push Engage post

Q. If you don’t use any of the ‘Promotional’ or ‘Highlighting’ options–can you expect any users to discover and access your content?

A. Yes. Thanks to Google Search as well as Related Content feature of the website, your content can still be discovered by our audience. Plus, if you have designed your content in conformance to Google’s guidelines, you will also benefit from the SEO perspective, wherein your content on our website, will help promote traffic to your website.

Q. Are there any reports associated with this service?

A. Yes, we can share with you a Report from our website indicating number of views of your article. One such report can be shared ONE month after publication of your content. Typically, most elements would be public, by default.

Q. Is it possible to get information of users who access your content?

A. Yes. That’s an additional service, where we put your content behind a ‘logged in visitors only’ access control system, and then share the database of those who logged in to access your content. We do have a standard tariff for this too—that comprises of two components: (a) setup fee and (b) cost per registered user.

In a nutshell, these solutions can go from simply hosting your content, to promoting your content to providing you data of those who accessed your content.

Q. How will the list of users who accessed your content be provided to you?

A. We will provide you access to a web-page where you can login to access report of users who accessed your content. You can copy this list into any spreadsheet.

Q. What all details can be captured of those who access your content?

A. Our standard service allows you to capture the following:

  1. Name (compulsory)
  2. Email ID (compulsory)
  3. Country
  4. Designation
  5. Organisation

But, we can create customised forms for you—where users will have to provide extra details sought by you. But herein, you will not only have to pay us extra (approx. US$ 200 per additional field) but also risk reduction in number of users who may not be enthused in sharing extra data.