Email marketing

This is the basic service, where we send your message (in HTML) to our databases that match your marketing goals….

Q. What are the email platforms that we use?

A. Our team has built expertise on a variety of email platforms. We have realised that each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and depending on databases and types of campaigns we choose different email platforms.

All our email platforms are recognised amongst Global Top 20 Email platforms. We use their premium packages. We do NOT use FREE or TRIAL packages to send emails of our customers.

Our top-most email platform is GetResponse, which even allows us to setup marketing automation for our clients. Other world-class email platforms that we use, include:

  1. Elastic
  2. MailerLite
  3. Mail Chimp
  4. ConstantContact

Q. How’s the pricing for our Email Services?

A. We have set up a Tariff Plan for these services, where rates vary based on:

  1. Type of audience (more unique the audience, higher the cost)
  2. Number of audience (higher the number, lower the cost)
  3. Number of posts (higher the number, lower the cost)

Q. Can EFY-i design a creative for you?

A. Yes, but we will charge a fee.

Q. Can YOU choose the platforms to send your emails?

A. Sorry, you can’t. We have setup our databases on different platforms based on certain criterion. Plus, many of our lists have been built using double-opt-in registrations through our websites. Hence, we cannot shift our databases based on needs of our customers.

Q. Are there ‘Response Guaranteed’ solutions in this category?

A. Yes, there are. EFY-i can execute campaigns where you pay us based on OPENS or CLICKS or even ACTIONS.

Q. Who will design and decide the creatives for Response Guaranteed solutions?

A. The short answer is EFY-i. We are to guarantee you response, so the creative strategy, design, etc –will be ours. We may choose to use some elements of your creatives, but we will NOT bound to use them. However, we will review our creatives with you, and ensure that they are not mere click-baiters but provide genuine responses.

Q. Does EFY-i provide any reports for the email blasts?

A. Yes, we do provide one report after a week from the day your email was broadcast. This report consists of the screenshot of the report generated by respective platform. For additional reports, there’s a small fee of US$ 50.

Q. How does EFY-i guarantee that the reports are genuine?

A. Glad you asked–allow us to introduce our Trust Builder concept here.. Yes, it’s easy for anyone to send you a report which shows much higher figures than actually delivered. We believe that Trust is Earned, and to earn your trust, we would love it if you ask for a LIVE login to our email platform from time to time. Herein, using a screen-sharing tool, we will login to our platform and show you the report as seen in the system. That’s what we call the Trust Builder solutions.

Q. Is there any fee to avail this service?

A. Not at all. We believe Trust is Earned, and every such request from your side, will give us an opportunity to earn your trust, and demonstrate genuineness of our services to you. We strongly believe that this single add-on service will enable you to differentiate us from other run-of-the-mill vendors.