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Digital Marketing Services

What’s Unique About 'Profit with EFY' as a digital marketing solutions provider?

Owing to our background of being born out of a technology media firm, we believe we’re are a unique team–one that not only has expertise in  digital marketing but is also very comfortable in dealing with technical content and engaging with technical audiences.

PwE = technical content  X technical audience X digital marketing

Plus, we strongly believe in:

  1. While Digital Marketing promises increased transparency in performance of campaigns to marketers, unfortunately it also enables the Service Providers to be very creative with their Reports and Deliverables
  2. We have to go the extra mile to earn your trust.
  3. If we seek a premium fee, we need to deliver premium solutions.
  4. Corollary, if we don’t deliver as promised–we can’t charge you the agreed fees.

The combination of these strengths and beliefs–makes us a unique digital marketing partner, who works hard to reduce the YOUR risk as a marketer.

Q. Does EFY-i only provide Customised Services or does it have a portfolio of Standard Offerings too, which one can pay and use?
A. Like many others, EFY-i started its journey in digital marketing by offering Standard Services, which it still provides. But, over the years, EFY-i has built a portfolio of Customised Solutions, and the cherry on the cake are our Response Guaranteed solutions, where our team becomes your complete marketing partners and deliver results rather than just services. Click here for more clarity on these three different categories of services.

Q. What are the Audiences that EFY-i is connected with?
A. Thanks to expertise in digital marketing, our team can connect with any type of audiences for you. But, given our background in tech media, we are Best in Class for engaging with the following type of audiences:

  1. Design Engineers
  2. Developers of IOT Solutions
  3. Academicians involved in Tech Education
  4. Senior Decision Makers (Electronics, IT and IOT sectors)
  5. Senior Technology Decision Makers (across all sectors)
  6. DIYers (electronics, IT and IOT)
  7. Software Developers
  8. IT Managers (IT Infrastructure)
  9. Budding Engineers
  10. Policy Makers & Influencers
  11. Test, Repair & Maintenance Professionals
  12. Electronics Manufacturing Professionals
  13. Open Source Community

Q. What are the problems we can solve?
A. Here’s a list of common business goals that we have helped our customers achieve…

  1. Help you create or expand your channel partner network in India
  2. Generate Inquiries (leads) for your products or services from B2B customers
  3. Develop or build social media communities
  4. Drive contests, polls, quizzes or surveys
  5. Help you automate your marketing initiatives & processes
  6. Help you build your database of customers and prospects
  7. Enable you to engage with your target audience
  8. Enable you to engage with, and attract good talent
  9. Drive audiences for your events (on-the-ground OR on-the-web)
  10. Organise events (On-the-ground OR On-the-web)
  11. Develop or increase your brand’s awareness

Q. What are the things we can do to solve YOUR problems?
A. Over the last 5 years, our team has developed expertise in…

  1. Email marketing (GetResponse, MailerLite, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Elastic, etc)
  2. Advertising & promotions through our online properties & social media communities
  3. Innovative promotions through our online properties & social media communities
  4. Webinars
  5. Hosting & promotion of whitepapers, app notes, reference designs, etc
  6. Advertising & promotions on digital platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Bing, etc)
  7. Conducting online surveys (Google Forms, Monkey Survey, Customised Software, etc)
  8. Generating results (actions like Opens, Clicks, Views, etc) and Leads
  9. Driving Content Marketing through development & management of social media communities
  10. Driving Content Marketing including development of customised content (Text, Illustrations, Images, Videos, etc)
  11. Developing promotional material (Text, Banner Ads, Emails, Videos, etc)
  12. Developing websites & microsites (mobile-friendly)
  13. Developing customised web services & software solutions (mobile-friendly software)
  14. Setting up automated emailing systems
  15. Setting up Automated Marketing & emailing systems
  16. Complete management of roadshows including logistics & audience generation (Events) uses cookies to improve this website's functionality, provide you with a better browsing experience, and enable us to develop a stronger relationship with YOU. Detailed information on the use of cookies on this Site, and how you can decline them, is provided in our Cookie Policy. By using this Site or clicking on "OK", you consent to the use of cookies.