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Conduct Successful Webinar

Presenting at a webinar? Here are a few tips on how YOU can avoid common errors and present like a pro…

Before the Webinar Starts

Ensure that you are using Recommended Hardware for the delivering webinar and have the minimum required Internet speed, and battery backup (UPS), etc. Please refer to the checklist (at bottom).

  • Check your voice quality and microphone in advance and stick to the same style of speaking that you had used during testing.
  • Prepare a good presentation to help you explain your points.
  • Always be ready a minute before the actual time and have your welcome slide turned on.
  • Select the quality (resolution) of video from you panel as per your INTERNET connection before starting the webinar.

During the Webinar

  • Once the session starts, do not Click on “End Event” under any condition until you intend to end the event. If you want to PAUSE in between—announce the same to the audience and then click on MUTE.    
  • When starting, make a point to welcome your audience to your webinar, introduce yourself, your co-speakers (if any), the title of the webinar, the topics to be covered, and take take-aways.
  • During the webinar, you may want to ask a colleague to attend the webinar from a different room, so she can hear it like any other member of audience, and can share tips (through notes or gestures) .
  • Since the webinar is a monologue, try and avoid speaking fast. Try and practice to speak slowly before the session.
  • At the end of the webinar, do thank the audience, turn on your THANK YOU slide on the presentation, and if you are taking any questions—mention that clearly.


  • Laptop/Desktop with minimum core i5 and 4 GB RAM, Web camera, Micro phone and any popular web browser.
  • High speed Internet with at least 2 Mbps upload speed.
  • Battery back for laptop/Desktop and WiFi Router.
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