Would you like that digital transformation with a dollop of EBITDA?

the truth of digital marketing and RoI

Would you like that digital transformation with a dollop of EBITDA?

Marketers have always wanted to understand how digital traffic matures into revenue growth so that they can build it into a system that gives consistently glorious returns.

A lot of marketing agencies out there try to play a tune for these marketers. You will often hear humming and hymning about how they’ve helped companies get “digitally transformed” with presence on social and search platforms enumerated into many 3-letter abbreviations (SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, SEA, etc); but that note quickly drowns out when the crescendo arrives with questions about what the net result was on revenue and profitability.

If you’re a B2B technology marketing professional, you do know that these abbreviations dropped above are part of the right recipe but doesn’t necessarily guarantee a Michelin star serving of another 3-letter abbreviation — ROI. Or, it’s 6-letter big brother — EBITDA.

We know you do because we’ve heard it from you.

And we’ve decided to act on what we’ve heard.

How? EFY is placing its bets on delivering result-guaranteed solutions to our B2B and B2E clients in electronics, semiconductors, open source, cloud, networking and the other nice segments that form part of the IoT paradigm.

While other advertisement vendors might carry a wide range of services like newsletters, eDMs, banners, wallpapers, etc or maintain a large network of websites to sell piecemeal, only EFYi currently delivers results simultaneously utilising all these services, and on a scale that allows our customers to eliminate costs from “cautionary” or “just in case” advertisement purchases done in the hope that one or the other advertisement will work by the end of this quarter (or the next..or the one after that…).

Sounds good or smells good? Drop us an email and we’ll tell you a story about the clients who’ve already beta-tested this for us and came out winning. Strictly non-fiction, coffee not included.