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The ‘Reboot Industry’ Initiative

Electronics Industry Manufacturing

Effective October 2020, EFY has launched special schemes under the ‘Reboot Industry’ initiative. This scheme is limited to first 50 clients.

Under this initiative, Series Discounts have been increased. Discount structure has been made pyramidal. And, extra freebies have been added to provide advertisers with best possible return-on-investment (RoI).

DISCOUNTSEFY (Print & E-zine)EFY Express
3 or more10%15%
6 or more20%30%
12 or more33%50%


SIZE OF ADITW (Response)FREE COPIESLeading Supplier NewsletterAd IndexSuppliers’ IndexSame Ad in EFY ExpressAudit of Ad

1. Electronics For You (EFY) is our flagship publication and is SOLD both as print and e-zines.
2. Electronics For You Express (EFY XP) is a curated & ezine-only edition of Electronics For You launched in Nov 2020. This offer means your ads in EFY get published in EFY XP too, at no cost to you. Bonus promotions!
3. ITW (India Technology Week) is our online-only event which provides benefits of Digital Marketing 2.0. ITW enables you to attract impressions, clicks, engagements & leads against your promotions (aka exhibits). This offer provides you with a free e-booth (microsite) on the platform.
4. Free Copies of Electronics For You will be sent to your list of prospects or clients in India. If you can;t provide such a list, we will curate a list on your behalf. We will send these copies, accompanied by a letter indicating that the magazine are a gift from you. The perfect brand recall you can get with your top customers or prospects.
5. Series Discounts are levied in a pyramidal structure (for example, 6 ads with 20% discount will be billed as 100%, 90%, 80%, 80%, 70%, 60%)
6. Ad Index lists name of the firm and page number of Ad. You get this service at no extra cost.
7. Suppliers’ Index lists name of the advertising firm under category of product or service supplied (max 3 categories). Another service at no extra cost.
8. Leading Suppliers’ Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter that displays logos and advertisements of all leading advertisers and links to their websites
9. Audit of Ad is a free service where our marketing team reviews the creatives and shares Tips on further improvements to generate higher response
10. Validity of this scheme (including discounts and benefits) are valid for a limited time period only, and for first 50 customers. Hence, all proposal citing this scheme will be valid up-to a maximum duration of 30 days from the date of 1st proposal shared.


  1. Tariff of Electronics For You and Electronics For You Express
  2. Tariff of India Technology Week (aka Tech World Congress)

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