Email automation helps you automate and optimise some of the tasks associated with traditional email marketing…

Q. What is the outcome I can expect?

A. It can help you improve the results of your campaigns, and also help you save time with repetitive tasks. An Automated Email Marketing System is like Supercharged Email Marketing.

Q. What are the nuts and bolts of this system — how does it work?

A. We capture your prospects and then nurture them using campaigns that runs based on rules and events designed to respond to your prospects behaviour. People who open and engage with these emails will be tagged and scored automatically by the system. This data can even be used by your sales team before making a sales call. If a prospect shows a signal that they are sales ready, they will be nudged towards completing a purchase. By customising your conversation with each prospect, you will increase your conversion rate and RoI. If the system detects a waning interest for a prospect, it will attempt to re-target them with related but different messaging using a different content that we have exclusively created to win back their interest.

Q. What platform will you use for me?

A. We have partnered with GetResponse Enterprise along with other tools to deliver these features for you.

Q. How will I be charged for this service?

A. You will be charged a flat amount for designing and maintaining this system. There will be a separate cost involved for sending out emails.

Q. How do I know my database will NOT be misused?

A. You can request for a report for a random sample of people in your database, and we will furnish engagement details for them for the past 6 months. We will also have a clause in our agreement that forbids any activity on your database without your team’s approval.

Q. How will you add to my database?

A. We will leverage a mix of landing pages, lead magnets, and other lead generation tactics to keep seeding your database with new leads. We can also connect with your CRM so that leads generated by your team also enjoy a rich engagement experience with your smart email marketing system.

Q. How do you ensure accuracy in your communications?

A. Our databases are tagged to ensure that only the right people see the intended communication. Our system is shy by default, although we can configure it be more aggressive on your command.

Q. Are there any assets generated form this activity?

A. The tagged databases generated here can be used in other marketing solutions that you hire from EFYi, where you can reach out to people who have already been primed by this project’s activity.

Q. What all details can be captured of those who access your content?

A. Our standard service allows you to capture the following:

  1. Name (compulsory)
  2. Email ID (compulsory)
  3. Phone (compulsory)
  4. Designation
  5. Organisation
  6. Country

Q. Do we have ‘Response Guaranteed’ solutions in this category?

A. No, because this is a long term marketing strategy that relies on your marketing team’s subject-matter expertise as much as it does on our delivery team’s technical expertise.

Q. How will we share the database of those who accessed your content?

A. We will provide you access to a web-page where you can login to access report of users who accessed your content.

Q. What else can I automate other than email?

A. That’s discussed under our latest service–Marketing Automation.